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Fi-Streem Digital Vacuum Oven 31 L, 120V


This oven has been upgraded to incorporate a user-friendly digital electronic PID controller providing improved performance and accuracy.

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Imagine having a digital vacuum oven that is safe and easy to operate for all your laboratory personnel. The Fi-Streem™ Digital Vacuum Oven is the redesign of the Sanyo Gallenkamp Oven and has multiple safety features. Its outer case is constructed of a tough steel with a vacuum chamber is made of robust aluminum casting. You’ll be happy with the glass fiber insulation to increase energy efficiency while keeping the outer case temperatures low. The door closure is achieved via a strong and positive twist action latch. Safely and quickly check on your samples through the toughened glass viewing window and polycarbonate shatter-resistant safety screen.

The Fi-Streem™ Digital Vacuum Oven is simple to use for all. You can accurately set the temperature with the digital PID controller. If you need to connect to a vacuum pump, vapor trap or exhaust, the vacuum gauge and valves are conveniently located near the bottom of the front panel. There is a reliable, needle type inlet and exhaust valves. The serrated nozzles accept flexible vacuum tubing of .39 to .47 inches (10 to 12 millimeters) bore.

The redesigned Gallenkamp oven by Fi-Streem™ yielded a highly versatile oven for atmospheric or reduced atmosphere operation. Its high quality construction not only heightens the safety factor but also provides temperature uniformity with excellent stability. You’ll be able to dry heat sensitive materials at low temperatures. The independent over-temperature safety circuit will protect your sensitive samples from over-heating. For your samples that need to be dried more rapidly, you can do so at a higher temperature without fan circulation.

Enjoy having three positions to choose from when placing your shelves. The Fi-Streem™ Vacuum Oven is supplied with two (2) shelves and the spacious rectangular chamber has three positions to choose from that are in 2.95 inch intervals.

You won’t be disappointed in the Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven. It is reasonably priced, has low maintenance costs, has reliable performance, and most of all it is safe and easy to operate!

• Multiple safety features with a viewing window, integral over temperature alarm, pressure warning, glass fiber insulation for lower outer case temperatures and a door closure with a strong and positive twist action latch.
• Highly versatile oven for atmospheric or reduced atmosphere operation.
• 1.1 Cubic feet (31 liters) capacity with two selves and three shelf positions.
• Excellent temperature stability and uniformity with a digital PID controller and an independent over-temperature safety circuit.
• Tough construction with a steel outer case, robust aluminum casting, glass fiber insulation, toughened glass viewing window and a polycarbonate shatter-resistant safety screen.

• Chemical resistance studies
• Drug metabolism studies
• Dry content analysis
• Tissue drying
• Drying/baking nonflammable crystalline chemicals
• Drying filter paper strips or rounds
• Fine chemical precipitation
• Glassware drying
• Moisture determinations
• Paper drying
• Pre-heating crucibles or other containers
• Proteins and starch digestion
• Textile drying
• Total solids drying
• Curing
• Plating applications
• Vacuum embedding

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Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 27 in
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