Water Purification Cartridges

Having consistent and reliable high-quality water is critical for any laboratory, and the cartridges that aid in the purification process play a key role. This is why LabStrong™ takes great care in manufacturing water purification cartridges with premium purity and longevity.

LabStrong™ water purification cartridges are made of high-quality resins and contain all virgin materials – no recycled media or containers. Our higher cartridge capacities result in increased longevity and reduced laboratory operating costs. We work diligently to ensure our cartridges are in-stock and ready to ship, and all in-stock cartridges ship the same day ordered.

It’s our goal to make your lab life easier, and this is why we continually develop our ‘how-to’ video library to assist with basic equipment maintenance. Just a few of the available topics include:

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Quick Glance Features

Simple to install, replace and recycle

Replacement of cartridges shouldn’t be a hassel.  We have made our cartridges easy to install and replace. 

For further assistance, LabStrong™ has developed a video library that demonstrates installation and replacement of our cartridges. Just a few of the topics available include:

Contact our Technical Service Team for one-on-one assistance.

Every lab is different and has its own unique needs. Our Technical Service Team can provide one-on-one assistance in choosing the best water system, cartridges or accessories based on the feed water and applications performed in the lab.