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Fi-Streem™ Vacuum Oven & North Central Laboratories™ Gravity Oven

The Fi-Streem™ and North Central Laboratories™ Ovens are high quality ovens that are simple to use and safe to operate. Both ovens have a small footprint in the laboratory, making them easy to use on standard benchtops and in most fume hoods. The ovens are constructed of quality metals and insulation to ensure energy efficiency. Each oven is supplied with two shelves with the option to purchase additional shelves.

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Fi-Streem™ Digital Vacuum Oven

North Central Laboratories™ LabStrong™ Gravity Oven

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Oven Rack Half Inch Spacing

*Fi-Streem is a trademark of Fi-Streem International Ltd.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven was previously manufactured by Sanyo Gallenkamp and branded as a Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven. The oven is now manufactured by Fi-Streem. The Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven is not supplied with a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump must be purchased separately. Please contact LabStrong™ for vacuum pump recommendation.

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