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Laboratory Water Purification Systems

Lab water can be complicated but the equipment you use to produce it shouldn’t be! That is why LabStrong™ is devoted to developing cutting-edge equipment and products that are easy to install, use and maintain.

What is lab water?

Water plays a crucial role in the laboratory. The types of applications being performed will determine the purity of water that is needed, some labs may need multiple types of water. ASTM International (formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials) defines laboratory grade water into four categories: Type I, II, III and IV. A brief summary of the types of water is below.

Type I – Ultrapure

Type II – Pure

Type III – Primary Grade Water

What type of water do you need?

Type IV - Feed

What type of water do you need?
The LabStrong™ team has over 75 years of experience and we have listened to those that use the equipment on a daily basis.

We hear you! You expect your water system to be:

Economical upfront
and to maintain

Backed by a strong
Technical Service Team

Easy to install and
simple to operate

Able to be maintained with
in-house personnel

Reliable and consistently produce
pure and ultrapure water

Discover your next water system

Browse LabStrong™ water purification systems

We are committed to making your lab life easier and producing equipment and tools that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Rapids™ Type I Water Purification Systems

Cascade™ Type II Water Purification Systems

Fi-Streem™ Distillation Water Purification Systems

what type of water do you need?

Complete the form and we will assist you in determining what type of lab water you need and what water system may fit best based on your laboratory needs!

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Contact our Technical Service Team for one-on-one assistance.

Every lab is different and has its own unique needs. Our Technical Service Team can provide one-on-one assistance in choosing the best
water system, cartridges or accessories based on the feed water and
applications performed in the lab.

* Depending on feed water quality and maintenance of the system.