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Our employees are named on multiple patents across a range of products over the last 20 years. We have experience in design and manufacturing across many segments – from cryogenics to high-temp furnaces, from ultrasonic to optical measuring, from mixing to separation, water distillation to ultra pure water, explosion proof devices to tight tolerance pipetting tips. Most of all, we enjoy the challenge of creating new solutions to laboratory problems.

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The LabStrong™ team has over 75 years of experience and we have and continue to listen to those that use the equipment and consumables on a daily basis. We understand the impact that faulty and confusing equipment can have in the laboratory. This is why you can expect our equipment as well as cartridges, filters, accessories and replacement parts are:

  • Simple to install
  • Economically priced
  • Reliable and consistently produce pure and ultrapure water
  • Typically stocked and ready to ship the same day ordered
  • Backed by a Technical Service team to help with any questions

Choose the LabStrong™ equipment that best fits your laboratory needs

Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System

  • Consistently produces type I, ultrapure water
  • Economical solution
  • Flow rate of up to 2L/minute
  • Easy to use and maintain with a graphical touchscreen
D00292 and D00294_LabStrong Cascade Dual and Quad Water Purification System_White (9)

Cascade™ Type II Water Purification Systems

  • Consistently produces type II water
  • Cost effective for any laboratory
  • Flow rate of up to 2L/minute
  • Requires no electricity
A74410LS_A74414LS_A74415-60LS_A74415LS_A74415LSKT_A74420LS_A74428LS_Fi-Streem 2S_LabStrong_White (3)

Fi-Streem™ Distillation Water Purification Systems

  • Consistently produces type II water
  • Reliable and effortless use
  • Highly efficient and economical
  • Produce 1L of distilled water for 1.1L of pretreated water
OVA031.XX3_Fi-Streem Digital Vacuum Oven 31 L, 120V_LabStrong_White (1)

Fi-Streem™ Digital Vacuum Oven

  • Atmospheric or reduced atmosphere operation
  • Capacity of 1.1 cubic feet (31 liters)
  • 30 to 200 degrees Celsius at ambient temperatures less than 25 degrees Celsius
  • Previously the Sanyo Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven*

North Central Laboratories™ LabStrong™ Gravity Oven

  • 4.3” Graphic display and intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Calibration can be performed at user selected temperature
  • Capacity of 1 cubic foot (28.3 liters)
  • 50 to 150 degrees Celsius at ambient temperatures less than 40 degrees Celcsius

Contact our Technical Service Team for one-on-one assistance.

Every lab is different and has its own unique needs. Our Technical Service Team can provide one-on-one assistance in choosing the best water system, cartridges, equipment or accessories based on the feed water and applications performed in the lab.

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