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A Laboratory equipment manufacturer

Promoting Strength Through Innovation

LabStrong™ was founded with the mission of delivering innovative designs and products to the lab equipment industry. Combined, we have over 75 years of experience working with Fortune 300 companies. We create, develop, and manufacture products for domestic and international labs across the globe, pioneering a new route by living up to our motto: strength through innovation.

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer | Inside LabStrong™

LabStrong™ was founded with the mission of delivering innovative designs and products to the lab equipment industry. Combined, we have over 75 years of experience working with Fortune 300 companies. We create, develop, and manufacture products for domestic and international labs across the globe, pioneering a new route by living up to our motto: strength through innovation.

We offer water purification systems, water purification cartridges, ovens, and other lab equipment, along with replacement parts for not only our products but for many of the Barnstead™ water systems as well. We are also the sole distributor for Fi-Streem™ in North America. LabStrong™ has numerous authorized distributors throughout North America and overseas that carry our products. We believe world-class products deserve the highest level of technical support, backed by only the best service dealers.

Many of our employees have come from large corporations in the industry. We have found that a smaller, focused company is more responsive and able to quickly turn projects. Our employees are named on multiple patents across a range of products over the last 20 years. We have experience in design and manufacturing across many segments – from cryogenics to high-temp furnaces, from ultrasonic to optical measuring, from mixing to separation, water distillation to ultra-pure water, explosion-proof devices to tight tolerance pipetting tips.

Most of all, we’re creative engineers who love what we do, and we’re committed to creating new solutions within the lab equipment industry to make your lab life better.

Mission Statement

LabStrong™ is a tight-knit team of creative people from Dubuque, Iowa who design and develop cutting-edge products for the lab equipment market. Our mission is to uphold our motto of strength through innovation and foster long-lasting relationships with a network of distributors, service companies, and laboratory personnel in the scientific community. Unwavering trust and collaboration enable us to take on challenging projects which yield creative solutions.

Vision Statement

We are passionate about forging our own paths and delivering modern innovations in the lab equipment industry. Our inquisitive and perseverant spirit helps us tackle challenging problems. Our route to success is to push the limits, reach the edge, refine the product and repeat. We are dedicated to changing what the industry looks like and making your lab life easier.

Core Values

If we do two things right, everything else will take care of itself.

Our Team

Mark Lockwood


A true visionary, he isn’t afraid to break new ground and go where others have not. Mark was the catalyst for the birth of LabStrong™ and its continued commitment to promote strength through innovation. As the leader of the team, Mark engages everyone and encourages them to always be thinking outside the box. When he isn’t coming up with new ideas for LabStrong™, Mark likes spending time with his family and being outdoors.

Joe Kearney

Engineering Manager

When LabStrong™ wants to develop new software for our equipment to make lab life easier for our customers, we turn to this man! Joe is responsible for the design of the electronics and software that are integrated into our products. His inventive ideas play an essential role on the LabStrong™ team!

Jim Edwards

Chief Mechanical Engineer

DIRFT – do it right the first time – is the motto he lives by. As an engineer, Jim is meticulous in his work and pays close attention to the fit, form, function and usefulness of equipment for our customers. With many years of experience in the industry, Jim has seen a thing or two and is committed to designing quality and cost effective products! These traits carry over in his personal life as he completes various woodworking projects. If Jim isn’t diving into a new project, you may see him cruising down the road in his C5 corvette!

Logan Kubovec

Electromechanical Engineer

Inquisitive and industrious by nature, Logan isn’t afraid to ask ‘how can we make it better’ and work hard to make it happen. Creating and testing design ideas and prototypes, Logan strives to engineer superior products that will get the job done in your lab. He also spearheads the project management of new equipment while moving the team forward to accomplish a common goal. When he is not making things happen at LabStrong™ you can find Logan relaxing at his favorite fishing hole!

Mark Loeffelholz

Senior Mechanical Designer

Please no autographs for this rock star; he is busy making magic happen in his CAD designs. Mark’s wildly creative mind and attention to detail makes him a key member of the team. When he is not documenting and designing at LabStrong™, you can find him playing the guitar in a band or working on his latest model rocket.

Stan Mahe

Senior Design Technician

Jack of all trades doesn’t begin to describe Stan and all the things he does around LabStrong™! Stan is a doer and you can count on him to tackle any task – simple or complex! He will look at a problem and with a creative eye, find a solution to make it functional and efficient. Outside of the LabStrong™ shop, Stan is helping family and friends complete their own projects.

Tim Gerhard

Technical Service Manager

He is the go-to person if you have questions about lab water! Tim spends a lot of his time fielding technical service questions and troubleshooting for customers. Tim’s attention to detail and hardworking mindset makes him an invaluable member of the team. When he isn’t helping customers, Tim can be found testing media resins or preparing a still for shipment. Outside of LabStrong™, Tim is road trip to discover new places with his wife and enjoy the great outdoors!

Barb Bisping

Production Manager

Just try and keep up with this woman or be left in the dust! Barb runs a tight ship in the shop – she is quick and efficient to ensure things are done in a timely manner. Holding herself to a high standard, you can rely on Barb to get a job done so that cartridges, parts and equipment are ready to ship. In her free time, you can find Barb at live music events or sinking the winning shot at the pool hall.

Katie Kotz

Marketing & Sales Manager

Being a cowgirl isn’t just a state of mind, it’s actually her real life! Her free-spirit, out-going personality and go get’em attitude makes her the perfect person to work directly with our customers and distributors! When she isn’t at LabStrong™, she can be found riding her horses or motorcycle! She also likes the friendly competition of a game of marbles with family and friends!

Jodi Lockwood

Sales Assistant

Look up the definition of detail oriented in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Jodi! Each day, she ensures orders are entered and packed correctly to ship to laboratories across the country! Always present with a cheerful and kind attitude, Jodi carries this over into life outside the office too! She enjoys volunteering at her church and spending time with loved ones.

Sharon Stenzel

Office Manager

Like a ray of sunshine, Sharon exudes energy and positivity in the office! Her energetic spirit keeps Sharon moving as she organizes the office and manages the accounting and inventory. Sharon loves seeing the LabStrong™ team pool their talents together to accomplish great goals! Being her outgoing self, outside of work Sharon volunteers for the women’s ministry team at her church, enjoys time with family and friends….plus she also scrapbooks!

future innovators

Our Interns

LabStrong™ offers internship opportunities to talented individuals. Our past and current interns have assisted with many of our innovations and we are excited for what the future holds for each of them!

If you are interested in learning more about current internship opportunities with us, send us an email at



Loras College, Spring 2020


Software Engineering

Loras College, Spring 2020



Iowa State University, Spring 2021


Water Chemistry

Central College, Spring 2020



University of Wisconsin Platteville




Loras College, Spring 2021