Cascade™ Type 2 Water Deionization Purification Systems

The Cascade™ is a deionization water purification system that is designed to provide an economical solution for labs needing a consistent and reliable source of ASTM Type II, pure water, with resistivity up to 15 meg Ω/cm. Its small foot-print makes it easy to place about anywhere in the lab.

Based on the unique requirements of an individual lab and its water source, various cartridge kits are available that feature a color-changing resin. The color-changing resin helps to indicate when it’s time to replace exhausted cartridges to ensure consistent water quality. 

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Quick Glance Features

Simple to install, operate and maintain

LabStrong™ recognizes the importance of developing a water system that is user-friendly. The Cascade™ is designed with the user in mind and allows lab personnel to easily operate and perform regular maintenance simply and efficiently.

Pure water, also known as reagent grade Type II water, plays a key role in the various laboratory functions.  In the purification process impurities are removed, such as ions, organics, endotoxins, and bacteria. There are various purification methods to produce pure water from deionization, distillation, reverse osmosis (RO) or electrical ion exchange (EDI).  Type II water can be used as pretreat to an ultrapure, Type I, water system or for general laboratory functions:


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Every lab is different and has its own unique needs. Our Technical Service Team can provide one-on-one assistance in choosing the best water system, cartridges or accessories based on the feed water and applications performed in the lab.