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Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System

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The Rapids™ by LabStrong™ was designed to provide an economical solution for analytical laboratories that need ASTM Type I water.

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Imagine having a simple to use and maintain water purification system. Wouldn’t it be nice to not always have to call someone to help you change cartridges or perform simple maintenance? You’re probably thinking, does such a water system even exist? YES, it does and it’s economical and reliable!

The Rapids™ was designed with deep consideration for people like yourself – the ones that are using it on a daily basis! Its user-friendly touchscreen is easy to read and simple to follow with informative prompts and animations. Think how nice it would be to have step-by-step instructions as you changed out cartridges or cleaned the system! The Rapids™ is also backed by a video library with more in-depth instructions. Visit the LabStrong™ YouTube channel!

Besides ease of use, you also expect consistent and reliable results. Easily connect the Rapids™ to tap or a pretreated water source and through the process of deionization, the Rapids™ will produce up to 2 liters per minute of product water that meets and exceeds ASTM Type I specifications!

• Resistivity up to 18.2 meg Ω/cm
• TOC levels 5 ppb or less*

Genuine Labstrong™ cartridges are a breeze to install because the Rapids™ will walk you through step by step. The system will also help limit down time in the lab because it will notify you when cartridges are nearing exhaustion and should be replaced to maintain water quality. Simply scan the QR code to re-order one of six available cartridge kits. Need help selecting a cartridge kit that meets your laboratory needs based on feed water? We got your back – our Technical Service Team can assist in making a recommendation.

Available Cartridge Kits

D00336KT: Tap DI Feed Low Organic
D00337KT: Tap Feed Low Organic
D00338KT: Tap Feed Type 1
D00339KT: Tap DI Feed Type 1
D003310KT: RO Distilled Low Organic
D003311KT: RO Distilled Type 1

Please note – The Rapids™, D003312, does not include cartridges. Cartridges are sold separately.


• Economical for any laboratory to install and maintain.
• Hook up to tap or a pretreat source
• Consistently produces 2L/min of ASTM Type I Water – resistivity up to 18.2 meg Ω/cm
• Achieve TOC levels as low as 5ppb*
• Go hands-free with timed-dispense
• User-friendly graphical touchscreen with helpful prompts and animations
• Peace of mind with real-time resistivity reading
• Standby mode will help reduce cartridge degradation and bacteria build up by quietly recirculating water for five minutes every 30 minutes
• Simple to install and maintain with prompts, step-by-step instructions, animations and a robust video library
• Quick access to the user-manual with the scan of a QR code on the screen



• High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
• Atomic Absorption (AA)
• Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
• Gas Chromatography (GC)
• Reagents for molecular biology
• Buffers
• Biological applications (such as cell and tissue culturing)
• Endotoxin analysis
• Electrophoresis
• Photometry


*Depending on feed water quality, environmental factors and maintenance of the system.

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 25 × 17 in
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How-to Videos

Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more  helpful videos to make your lab life easier!

1 review for Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System

  1. Alsalazar

    An easy to install, easy to use, reliable purification system. You never have to worry about misplacing your manual again, as an electronic version is readily available via the systems touch screen. With step by step instructions that are visually seen on the touch screen, maintenance and replacement of cartridges is a breeze! And as always, if you ever have questions regarding the system, the staff at Labstrong is always there to answer your questions quickly and professionally.

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