LabStrong Cascade™ Water Purification System Accessory Bracket AY0029-1, AY0029-1


Cascade™ accessory bracket is a simple solution to convert the Cascade™ Dual to Quad water system. Part is typically available to ship immediately.

The Cascade™ Water System Accessory Bracket is a simple solution to converting the Cascade™ Dual Water System into a Cascade™ Quad Water System. Simply attach this accessory bracket next to the dual system to create the Quad style system.

Once converted to a Cascade™ Quad style system, there are four varieties of cartridge kits to choose from to fit your laboratory needs.

Tap Water Feed
• D00298KT: Organic quad style kit
• D00299KT: Standard quad style kit

Pretreat Water Feed
• D002910KT: Organic quad style pretreat kit
• D002911KT: Standard quad style pretreat kit

Need additional assistance installing the accessory bracket? Contact our Technical Service Team:

Phone: 563-588-8900

Helpful videos can also be found on our YouTube Channel and custom playlists –

– Made in USA with Global Materials –

Please Note: The AY0029-1 was designed to be used in conjunction with the Dual Water System (D00292). It is not designed to be used alone. A pressure regulator is required when connected to the LabStrong Straight Nipple Cartridges.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
Water Purification Process

Product Water Type

Resistivity Megohm

Flow Rate

Feed Water Type

Color Changing Resin

Storage Capacity

Tubing Length





Average Lead Time

Country of Origin

Warranty Period


Summary of Specifications

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Pricing Expires Date

Quantity per Unit of Measure

Unit of Measure

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