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Lab Water Purification Filters & Accessories

Having consistent and reliable high-quality water is critical for any laboratory, and the filters and accessories that aid in the purification process play a key role. This is why LabStrong™ takes great care in supplying filters and accessories that are dependable, premium-quality, and cost effective for your laboratory.

It’s our goal to make your lab life easier, and this is why we continually develop our ‘how-to’ video library to assist with basic equipment maintenance. Just a few of the available topics include:

Choose the filter & accessories that meets your laboratory needs.

Our Products by Category

Quick Glance Features

Fi-Streem™ PURI-FI Pretreat Particulate Filter

LabStrong™ 0.2 micron (µm) Final Filter

LabStrong™ Air Filter

D8900LS_HN Cartridge Wall Mount Holding Bracket_LabStrong_White (2) (1)

LabStrong™ Hose Nipple Cartridge Wall Mount Holding Bracket

CMX25LS_Cleaning Syringe_LabStrong (4)

LabStrong™ Cleaning Syringe

AY0029_ Cascade Water Purification System Accessory Bracket_LabStrong

Cascade™ Accessory Bracket

AY0017-1_Wall Mount Kit (Bracket Assembly and Pressure Regulator)_LabStrong_White (2)

Wall Mount Kit with Bracket Assembly and Pressure Regulator

Image of cartridge holder

Mounting Kit for Fi-Streem™ PURI-Fi™ Pretreatment Cartridge

AY0012-5_LabStrong Fi-Streem™ III Still to Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Mega-Pure Automatic Collection System Adapter Kit_LabStrong (1)

Fi-Streem™ III to Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Barnstead™ MegaPure™ ACS Adapter Kit

Picture of rack with half inch spacing for oven

Oven Rack Half Inch Spacing

Browse LabStrong™ water purification systems and other equipment to meet your laboratory needs.


Rapids™ Type I Water Purification Systems

D00292 and D00294_LabStrong Cascade Dual and Quad Water Purification System_White (9)

Cascade™ Type II Water Purification Systems

A56230-857LS_A56238-857LS_Fi-Streem III 4 LPH BD_LabStrong (1)

Fi-Streem™ Distillation Water Purification Systems

Simple to install, operate and maintain

We are committed to making your lab life easier.  This is why LabStrong™ has developed a video library that demonstrates installation, operation and maintenance of the our equipment, filters, accessories and parts.

Contact our Technical Service Team for one-on-one assistance.

Every lab is different and has its own unique needs. Our Technical Service Team can provide one-on-one assistance in choosing the best water system, cartridges or accessories based on the feed water and applications performed in the lab.