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Fi-Streem 2S 4 LPH Still (208V, 15A)


LabStrong™ Fi-Streem™ Stills meets your laboratory water needs by producing ASTM Type II water and removing inorganic ions, dissolved gases, and more.

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The lab can be a stressful place as you’re constantly judged on the ability to produce consistent and repeatable results. Give yourself some peace of mind with a LabStrong™ Fi-Streem™ distillation system that:

• Consistently produces ASTM Type II pure water.
• Is reliable, simple to use and easy to clean.
• Has safe operation through multiple safety features.
• Will be highly efficient and economical.

Of all the water purification technologies available, distillation can remove a wider range of impurities than any other single form of water purification. The Fi-Streem™ stills remove contaminants such as inorganic ions, dissolved gases, organics, particles, bacteria and pyrogens and the result is high quality ASTM Type II pure water. The patented vapor trap is designed to eliminate all vapor borne droplets, ensuring no carry-over of impurities in the distillate water. Plus the glass components in the still stop the leaching of impurities.

There’ll be no down time searching for needed tubing during installation because your new Fi-Streem™ still will ship with all necessary tubing. The space saving design of the Fi-Streem still allows you the flexibility to place the still almost anywhere in your lab. Either place the still on the bench or use the included bracket to mount it to the wall.

Designed with dual feed capabilities, the Fi-Streem™ still can easily be directly connected to tap water or a pretreated source. To optimize performance and reduce scaling, we recommend pairing your Fi-Streem™ still with the LabStrong™ Cascade, a deionization type II water system that can be used as a pretreatment. Using the Cascade™ as a pretreatment can greatly decrease water consumption and reduce scale build up within the boiling chamber, creating nearly maintenance free operation. Did you know that connecting to a pretreat source can yield 1 liter of stilled water from 1.1 liters of pretreated water!

Operating the Fi-Streem still is a breeze. With the push of a single button, the still is operational. With the press of two buttons, you can put the still in the clean mode! The still can be conveniently turned off for extended periods of time and returned to operation without the need for sanitizing or replacing consumables. Not only does this feature save valuable time, but also resources.

Imagine how great it would be to run your still 24 hours and unattended. The Fi-Streem still is supplied with a float switch which shuts off the still automatically when the water storage reservoir is full, enabling safe and unattended operation. The 24-hour automatic control activates the still as required to maintain a full reservoir. The automatic control start/stop feature is enabled when the still is connected to the LabStrong™ 8 Liter Carboy (A1052LS) or LabStrong™ 20 Liter Carboy (B00123) via the float switch.

Safety is a top concern for us all and with multiple safety features on the Fi-Streem™ still you can rest assured that you’ll be able to safely operate and maintain the still.

• A thermistor and over temperature protection device in the boiler assembly offers double protection against low water conditions.
• The base of the still is designed to contain accidental leaks within the still.
• The totally enclosed still design assures operator safety from breakage and hot surfaces.

Quotes to provide preventive maintenance (PM) contracts or quotes to provide installation/startup of the complete system are available upon request.

All LabStrong™ Fi-Streem™ stills include the following items FREE so your ordering and installation will be simple and easy.

• Reinforced mains input tube with fittings (TU744X1LS)
• Distillate tube (TU0012-13)
• Distillate glass elbow (562X4LS)
• Reservoir float level switch (857X3LS)
• Plastic funnel for cleaning (MC0012-2)
• Wall mounting bracket (562X32LS)
• Kit to convert still to pre-treated feed



• Consistently Pure ASTM Type II Water, of up to 1.4 liters per hour through distillation.
• Hook directly to tap or to a pretreat source to maximize performance.
• Space saving design – choose to mount to the wall or place on the bench.
• Patented vapor trap to eliminate all vapor borne droplets for pyrogen free water.
• Glass components to eliminate leaching of impurities.
• Optimal power design with fewer watts and built-in flow controller to maximize product water output while minimizing inlet water usage to drain.
• Simple to operate with the press of a button.
• Simplified cleaning that doesn’t require the dismantling of any glassware and requires the press of two buttons
• Dual flush program so the still can return to normal operation after a clean cycle.
• Multiple safety features to protect the user and the still.



• Preparing buffers and reagents
• pH solutions
• Bacteria and pyrogen removal
• Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
• Media preparation
• Ion Chromatography (IC)
• Spectrophotometry
• Electrophoreses
• Fixatives
• General chemistry
• Clinical Biochemistry
• Pretreat to Type I (ultrapure) water systems
• Hydroponics
• Protocols specifically requiring glass distilled water
• Solid phase extraction
• Trace metal detection
• Top off lead acid batteries
• Water analysis (i.e. BOD, COD, TOC, TOD, pH value tests)
• Washing and rinsing glassware
• Feed to autoclaves, humidification, environmental chambers, water baths and dishwashers

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 24 in
Water Purification Process

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Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for the LabStrong™ Fi-Streem™ 2S 4LPH still 208V 15A, A74428LS

  • 06620LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Reservoir Level Sensor
  • 06963LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Drain Assembly T Piece
  • 07221LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Reservoir Pressure Switch
  • 07260LS – Power Switch Clear
  • 07261LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Heater Switch Green
  • 07551LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Rubber Gasket
  • 07552LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Ptfe Disc
  • 562X1LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Condenser
  • 562X24LS – Fi-Streem Still Water Still Heater Sheath
  • 562X2LS –  Fi-Streem Water Still Glass Boiler and Silicone Sleeves
  • 562X3LS –  Fi-Streem Water Still Constant Level Device
  • 562X4LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Glass Distillate Outlet Elbow
  • 562X63LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Silicone Sleeve
  • 562X7LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Thermal Cut Out Assembly
  • 857X10LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Fuse Carrier
  • 857X18LS – Boiler Clip Cushion Silicone Strip
  • 857X7LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Fuse 15 amp A 10 x 38 mm
  • BC744X1LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Wall Bracket
  • CV744X1LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Acrylic Door Assembly
  • EL0012-5 – Fi-Streem Water Still Heating Element 208V 1.5 kW
  • FC0012-1 –  Boiler Clamp with Silicone Rubber Cushion
  • FC0012-2 –  Retaining Clip
  • MC0012-2 –  Cleaning Funnel
  • PG0012-1 –  Serrated Silicone Rubber Blanking Closure Plug
  • PM0012-7 – Fi-Streem Water Still Solenoid Valve Tap Feed
  • PM-009 –  Fi-Streem Water Still Bulk Head Fitting
  • PM-019 –  Fi-Streem Water Still Hose Sealing Sleeve
  • PM744X1LS –  Fi-Streem Water Still Drain Valve
  • PM744X2LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Solenoid Valve Treated Feed
  • PM744X5LS – Drain Stand Pipe
  • TR744X1LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Terminal Block (6 Way)
  • TU0012-1 – Fi-Streem Water Still PVC Tube Yellow Two Foot Piece
  • TU0012-16 – Fi-Streem Water Still Drain Tubing Two Foot Piece
  • TU0012-17 – Fi-Streem Water Still Drain Tubing Four Foot Piece
  • TU0012-18 – Fi-Streem Water Still Drain Tubing Six Foot Piece
  • TU0012-19 – Fi-Streem Water Still Neoprene Two Foot Piece
  • TU0012-20 – Fi-Streem Water Still Neoprene Four Foot Piece
  • TU0012-21 – Fi-Streem Water Still Neoprene Six Foot Piece
  • TU0012-28 – Fi-Streem Water Still Reservoir Pressure Switch Tubing Two Foot Piece
  • TU0012-29 – Fi-Streem Water Still Reservoir Pressure Switch Tubing 4 Ft
  • TU0012-30 – Reservoir Pressure Switch Tubing Six Foot Piece
  • TU0012-7 – Fi-Streem Water Still Silicone Rubber Tube Internal Two Foot Piece
  • TU0012-8 – Fi-Streem Water Still Silicone Rubber Tube Internal Four Foot Piece
  • TU-004 – Fi-Streem Water Still Boiler To Drain Tubing
  • TU-007 – Fi-Streem Water Still Reservoir Pressure Switch Tubing Ten Meter Piece Vi
  • TU744X1LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Inlet Hose Assembly
  • TU744X2LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Tubing Replacement Kit
  • TUX30LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Drain Tubing Ten Meter
  • TUX36LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Neoprene Ten Meter Piece
  • TUX39LS – Fi-Streem Water Still Silicone Rubber Tube Internal Ten Meter Piece

Need assistance troubleshooting or choosing the correct replacement part?  Contact our Technical Service Team- we can help!

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