Fi-Streem Puri-Fi Pretreatment Cartridge (No restrictor) (K02315), D00122


Highly convenient disposable cartridge (no restrictor) to purify water to suit your needs. Pressure resistant, its suitable for in-line applications.

The Fi-Streem™ Puri-Fi D00122 water pretreatment cartridge is a highly convenient disposable cartridge (no restrictor) that offers user a means of purifying water to suit individual needs. Pressure resistant cartridge is suitable for in-line applications. Installed in moments, it is easily replaced when exhausted. Cartridge contains high quality ion exchange resin. Water purity is indicated by resin color change at two windows in the cartridges casing. Will produce water quality as high as 0.1uS cm conductivity.

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Product Features
• Contains high quality ion exchange resin
• Water purity indicated by resin color change at two windows in casing
• Will produce water quality as high as 0.1uS cm conductivity
• Lower cost alternative
• Disposable
• Ideal for in-line applications
• Two year shelf life
• Optional wall mount system available (AY0012-2)

*Fi-Streem is a trademark of Fi-Streem International Ltd.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in
Water Purification Process

Product Water Type

Resistivity Megohm

Flow Rate

Feed Water Type

Color Changing Resin

Storage Capacity

Tubing Length





Average Lead Time

Country of Origin

Warranty Period


Summary of Specifications

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Quantity per Unit of Measure

Unit of Measure

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Special Storage Required

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