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EZ-Strap Platform Assembly (Includes 4 EZ-Straps), CV0005-25


The versatile EZ-Strap™ Assembly works with the Helix™ 250 Orbital Shaker. Designed for applications that do not require traditional clamping systems.


Have an application that requires a unique clamping method? Do you need to shake test tubes, conical tubes, small beakers or small flasks? The versatile EZ-Strap™ Assembly accommodates all of these items and much more when attached to the Helix™ 250 Orbital Shaker. The EZ-Strap™ Platform Assembly is designed for applications that do not require traditional clamping systems.

Test tubes, conical tubes and even small beakers and flasks can be used with the EZ-Strap™ Platform Assembly. The EZ-Strap™ Platform features multiple anchor points allowing for multiple configurations of vessels. EZ-Straps™ can be easily secured to the anchors allowing for quick set up and reconfiguration.

Four EZ-Straps™, one EZ-Strap™ Platform and one non-slip mat are included in the Helix™ 250 Orbital Shaker EZ-Strap™ Platform Assembly. Additional EZ-Straps™ can be purchased individually (part number ST0005-1) or in packs of four (part number ST0005-2).


Note:  LabStrong™ has discontinued our Helix™ 150, 150BL, 150BLR and 250 Orbital Shakers.  Replacement parts and accessories will be available for a limited time.  Please contact our Technical Service Team with questions:
Phone: 563-588-8900


– Made in USA with Global Materials –

*Helix 250 Orbital Shaker and vessels shown in pictures sold separately

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 in

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