Wednesday, September 25 was an exciting day because Christmas came three months early for Ashley Salazar, Lab Manager at Scott Community College! Ashley has been transporting type I water on a regular basis from the Scott Community College’s main campus to their urban campus in downtown Davenport, Iowa. Before Wednesday, Ashley would fill up large carboys, load them into her vehicle, drive 20 minutes, and then cross her fingers that she found a parking spot close to the campus building. If she couldn’t find a space to park, she would have to push a cart with the heavy carboys a couple blocks and sometimes it was uphill! To top it off, the lab was on the third floor and on a few occasions the elevator was not working, which meant Ashley had to carry the carboys up the stairs. On a positive note, she was getting her steps in!

Well, the days of transporting carboys is over because Ashley now has a new Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System installed in their lab at the Urban Campus! Watch the video to learn more about the installation of the Rapids™ at Scott Community College and why Ashley is elated about her new lab equipment.

We are looking forward to our continued partnership with Ashley and Scott Community College. Their feedback on the use of the Rapids™ will be invaluable for future innovations at LabStrong™!