One of the most economical, analytical type I water systems on the market just got even more cost effective!

The Rapids™ is now offered for a short time at 10% off making the unit only $3,775 and a great solution for your lab water needs!

ABOUT THE RAPIDS  – Learn more by clicking this link to visit the Rapids™ product page on our website!

The Rapids is an analytical type I system that features timed dispense with up to 2 liters/minute of ASTM type I water.  It can reach resistivity levels of up to 18.2 and depending on the feed water and maintenance of the system, can also reach TOC levels as low as 5ppb! The Rapids has a standby mode that helps reduce degradation of the cartridges by recirculating water and can also extend the life of the pump.

The graphical touchscreen’s interface is user friendly and is a helpful tool.  The interface will provide notifications for things such as when cartridges are nearing exhaustion and will give prompts and animations to walk you through installation or replacement of cartridges, cleaning the unit, purging air and more. Plus, QR codes embedded in the interface allow you to access things such as troubleshooting, downloading the user manual, ordering cartridges or getting your distributor’s information.

We are also continually adding to our video library on YouTube to aid in self installation, operation and maintenance of your water system!

Six (6) cartridge kits are available and our Technical Service Team can help you choose the best kit for your lab!

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*TOC is dependent on source water and maintenance of the system.
The 10% discount on the Rapids Type I Water Purification System can not be combined with any other offer, discount, or promotion. Sale ends 12/31/2020
Cartridge kit(s), final filter, cleaning syringe and other parts and accessories are sold separately and are not included in the sale.

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