DUBUQUE, IA (April 1, 2017) – LabStrong Corporation is now offering the Cascade Type II DI water purification system.

The new Cascade system is offered in two different configurations. The first is the Quad style system (Model D00294) that uses four cartridges to treat Potable Tap Water. The second is the Dual style system (Model D00292) that uses two cartridges to treat Potable Tap Water. We also offer the Cascade Accessory Bracket (AY0029-1) that will allow the customer to easily change the Dual system over to a Quad system.

“The Cascade water purification system offers a number of different configurations of cartridge kits for either the Quad or Dual configuration in order to provide a system(s) that are well suited to pretreat Potable Tap Water to a Type I water purification system to enhance the life of the cartridges in Type I systems,” said Tim Gerhard, Technical Customer Service Manager at LabStrong. “The Cascade water purification system can also be used as a standalone water treatment system that is capable of producing product water that meets the ASTM II water requirements with a product water purity of up to 15 MΩ/cm at a flow rate of up to 2 Liters per Minute.”

This fully customizable system is extremely economical that requires no major capital investment from the buyer. It is simple to install and does not require an electrical source to operate. The final cartridge in each kit configuration has a color changing resin that will indicate when the complete cartridge kit is exhausted and is ready to be exchanged for a new kit, by the change in the color of the resin from a dark purple to a light tan.

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