An extensive line of LabStrong replacement DI cartridges and parts for Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead* water purification systems are now offered by LabStrong Corporation. With all their experience in pure water systems, this line of cartridges and parts was a natural addition to their portfolio. The product options are suitable for Bantam, B-Pure*, Diamond, E-Pure*, Infinity, NANOpure Quad*, NANOpure II* and TII water systems.

The pressure cartridges, non-pressure (hose nipple) cartridges, and the replacement parts are directly compatible with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead line of products. Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity. The products provide the outstanding quality you expect from your water system at a lower cost per cartridge than the competitors. The products are an economical alternative for all laboratories and provide users with a choice of suppliers.

All of the LabStrong cartridges and parts are sold on an individual basis to allow users to fill any need they have. Additionally, cartridge kits are available for E-Pure, NANOpure Quad, and NANOpure II water systems. As with all LabStrong products, same day shipping is available for all items in stock.

About LabStrong Corporation

Founded in 2007, LabStrong is the supplier of popular laboratory products including the Fi-Streem distillation line, Helix line of orbital shakers and other OEM products. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture innovative laboratory equipment, focusing on product development for tailored high-quality lab equipment applications. LabStrong develops concepts into functional, marketable products by listening and responding to customers unique performance requirements.

*Barnstead, E-Pure, NANOpure, B-Pure, EASYpure, and DIamond are either trademarks™ or registered trademarks® of Thermo Fisher Scientific. LabStrong Corporation cartridge products and water system replacement parts are not affiliated with, nor supplied or sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific.