The LabStrong™ interns have been making a positive impact here at the company during the summer of 2019! We have three returning interns, Jacque, Peter and Preston, and one rookie, Ben. All of our interns have been working on special projects that not only further their education and knowledge, but also have lasting effects at LabStrong.

Jacque, a senior at Loras College, is working on projects centered around her major, Electromechanical Engineering. She has been creating web applications that will be used in our soon to be released Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System as well as future products! When asked why she likes working at LabStrong, she said, “It’s a very welcoming environment and I’ve learned a lot about software engineering.” She would tell anyone that is thinking of working here to do it because “it’s a great learning environment. Everyone is encouraged to go outside the box and demonstrate their skills.”

Peter is also no stranger to LabStrong. He has been interning with us for the past few summers. Peter is a junior at Iowa State University in Aerospace Engineering and plans to graduate in 2020. Peter is focusing on Optimization of Performance and Design in a prototype product and he looks forward to finishing the prototype and performing several tests on it before his internship ends. The project is challenging but it falls in line with why Peter loves to intern with our company. In Peter’s words, his favorite part about working here is “[working] on challenging engineering projects that are relevant to the company. I get to both learn and contribute to the company in meaningful ways.”

Preston is in the middle of his second summer with LabStrong. He is a current senior at Central College, majoring in Environmental Science with minors in Biology and Music. When Preston was asked why he chose LabStrong for his internship, he replied, “…for a few different reasons. First off I’m able to wear many different hats here, meaning that I have the ability to be versatile and work on different projects in different areas of the company. Second, the work environment and people at LabStrong are what makes this place great. Everyone here always has a smile on their face and is always willing to answer questions or share their expertise.” Preston has a few projects he is working on this summer including water chemistry and resin testing as well as building prototypes and production parts.

Ben is the LabStrong rookie of the year. He is a senior at Loras College and majoring in Media Studies. He first heard about the company from one of his professors and after interviewing said he chose us because it gave him the ability to work in Dubuque and provided him the creative flexibility he was looking for in a video production internship. Ben is usually found behind the camera to complete his internship projects which focus on creating video marketing pieces to be rolled out over the remainder of the year and into 2020. His videos include anything from short documentary-style commercials to how-to videos for LabStrong products. We asked Ben what he hopes to accomplish by the end of his internship and this is what he had to say, “I plan to have developed a strong creative production portfolio that will benefit both LabStrong and myself. I’ve already been able to take great strides in making that happen and I’m excited to keep working toward that goal throughout the rest of my internship.”

The talent that our interns have is beyond measurable and we are appreciative of all the fresh ideas they each bring to the table. We wish them great success in finishing their studies and into their futures.

LabStrong™ Summer 2019 Interns. From left to right, Preston, Ben, Jacque and Peter