DUBUQUE, Iowa (July 1, 2016) – LabStrong Corporation now offers Cartridge Packs for the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ NANOpure® DIamond™ Systems. Choose from four different cartridge packs to meet your specific application needs. These cartridge packs provide laboratories with an economical alternative and a new choice when purchasing their next cartridge pack.

“Customers needing to replace their cartridge pack for their NANOpure DIamond Systems often asked us if we had a product that would meet the ASTM Type I Standards,” said Kristin Buchholtz, Marketing and Sales Manager at LabStrong. “In the past, we did not offer replacement cartridge packs for the NANOpure DIamond but now we offer all four cartridge packs that can be placed in those systems. We have done a lot of third party testing and we are able to guarantee it will meet ASTM Type 1 standards and all packs are 100% leak free tested. This allows customers to save time not having to worry about leaks and know they can trust that our cartridges will produce Type I water.”

The cartridge packs, part numbers D50280LS, D50281LS, D50282LS and D50283LS allows for users to generate ASTM Type I water that uses two types of activated carbon to absorb organic compounds and chlorine, and the highest purity semiconductor-grade ion-exchange resins to remove final ionic contaminants. Each pack also includes one 0.2 μm final filter (FL0016-1) . These kits are quick and easy to install and for convenience each cartridge pack features installation instructions right on the label.

About LabStrong Corporation

Founded in 2007, LabStrong is the supplier of popular laboratory products including the Fi-Streem water distillation family, Helix family of shakers, water purification cartridges and other OEM products. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture innovative laboratory equipment, focusing on product development for tailored high quality lab equipment applications. LabStrong develops concepts into functional, marketable products by listening and responding to customers unique performance requirements. For more information, please visit www.labstrong.com.

*Barnstead, NANOpure, DIamond, and Thermo Scientific are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.