The Rapids™ has been in the making for a couple years and we are so excited that it is now available for sale! One of the most rewarding things during this project has been working directly with our beta-testing sites. Our three beta sites provided very valuable feedback that helped us take the Rapids™ to the next level and ensure we were meeting the needs of the customer. One of the requests made by our beta sites was to have an option for time dispense.

They asked and we listened!

The Rapids™ Type I Water Purification System now features a time dispense! When dispensing water, users now can choose to add time in 30 second, 1 minute or 3 minute intervals for up to 10 minutes. With the time dispense option, users can now free up their hands to do other lab work while carboys, beakers, flasks and cylinders fill!

Other great features of the Rapids™ include:
• Up to 2 liters/minute of ASTM Type I Water
• Graphical touchscreen with helpful prompts and animations
• Displays a real-time resistivity reading
• Quiet recirculation pump operation
• On/Off/Standby Mode
• ECONOMICAL – Initial investment of under $5K
• Rapids™ system lists at $4195
• Cartridge kits range from $593-$694
Watch our video about time dispense!