An exclusive North American distribution agreement has been signed between LabStrong and Fi-Streem International Ltd. In the agreement, Fi-Streem granted LabStrong Corp. the exclusive right to sell all Fi-Streem distillation systems and other Fi-Streem units and parts. Starting on May 20, LabStrong became the primary distributor of Fi-Streem distillation systems, units and parts. The Fi-Streem products were previously distributed by Barnstead, which was a Thermo Fisher Scientific company. As a result of the new partnership, this will help bring LabStrong into a position to sell its products to new customers and provide them with the best customer service in the lab equipment industry.

When asked about the partnership Brian Farmery, General Manager for Fi-Streem International, only had positive things to say. “LabStrong is a great partner and this agreement exemplifies their dedication to laboratory equipment and this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of quality and service,” said Farmery.

LabStrong is well known in the laboratory products industry, specifically for its OEM products. Collaborating with Fi-Streem International Ltd. will help them to broaden their customer base and provide even more than just OEM products. “We are very excited to work with Fi-Streem International,” said Craig Case, VP Marketing and Sales for LabStrong. “Teaming up with Fi-Streem International to provide laboratory distillation is an exciting development for our company as well as the water purification industry.”

Currently, Fi-Streem offers a wide-ranging array of products including those used for distillation, deionization and reverse osmosis. They also manufacture vacuum ovens and bomb calorimeters. LabStrong will have the exclusive right to sell their distillation systems including: Fi-Streem 2S Glass Still, Fi-Streem III Glass Stills, Fi-Streem III Bi-Distiller, Fi-Streem Water Storage Reservoirs, Fi-Streem Pre-Treatment Cartridges and various accessories that are compatible with these products.

About LabStrong Corporation

Founded in 2007, LabStrong is the maker of the popular OEM laboratory products. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture laboratory equipment, focusing on product development for tailored high quality lab equipment applications. LabStrong develops concepts into functional, marketable products by listening and responding to customers unique performance requirements.

About Fi-Streem International

FiStreem International Limited was formed in October 2004 when Fi-Streem purchased one part of the Business of Sanyo Gallenkamp Plc and its related manufacturing businesses of Water Purification. The Fi-Streem brand is well recognized around the world as it was part of the Fisons Scientific Equipment business subsequently purchased by Sanyo so forming part of the product portfolio of Sanyo Gallenkamp Plc. For more information about Fi-Streem International, visit their website at